29 de octubre de 2013


HELLO! Yes, I am not talking spanish! (sorry of my english, I'm not using translator, so...)
Well, you are may asking to yourself: For what are u doing that? I just can reply that I saw that there are a lot of  visits of countries where they don't speak spanish so I checked the translator to read the story and .... There are some things wich are ok but others are like WHAT ARE YOU SAYING?????!!!!

I hope you mention if you're liking the story or just put you opinion! It would make me really really reaaaaallyyyyyy happy!! :D
And obviously, to participate on the questionnaires!

Kisses from this little writer!!

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la opinión de sus lectores para una escrito es muy importante.
Muchas gracias por dar una parte de tu tiempo :)

Un beso, Alba, vuestra escritora.